Use Burdock for cleansing and clearing various aspects of consciousness. Physically, Burdock helps to clear out toxic congestion in the brain that can lead to dementia. There can be a greater ability to assimilate new information. The essence seems to rejuvenate the brain, clearing distractions from the thoughts and bestowing the ability to stick to a task. It keeps you firmly grounded in reality, rather than living in fanciful daydreams or floating around in the ether. It is very grounding. Burdock flower essence helps people become centered, focused. . There can be a deep ability to project thoughts that might prove helpful when training or working with animals. Burdock also helps people to have a less bristly and irritated outlook on life. This is a useful essence for releasing all types of anger, grief, sadness, despair and bitterness. It can be used as a support for those addicted to recreational drugs, food or alcohol because it supports patience, kindness and endurance. Burdock also helps people end codependent or dependent relationships and eases many fears associated with these endings. Helps shift old emotional habit patterns. Burdock brings a sense of calm and peace. Burdock brings a powerful wave of clearing and cleansing energy to the etheric body. Burdock flower essence needs to be taken long term for effects on the etheric body.


100% organic grain alcohol extract. 


No CBD or THC.


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Lichenwood Flower Essence: BURDOCK ESSENCE

    • 1  oz bottle