Taking this essence opens the heart chakra to receive and experience universal love. The emotional body is cleansed. It would be helpful to take this essence if a person was going through a time of feeling unloved or excluded from social groups. It aids cooperation and a feeling of unity with all life. Universal love is all around us and available to receive whenever we have need. This essence has the unique ability to wake us up to the presence of this loving vibration, to take it within ourselves, to bask in its light, and then to become a radiant beacon sending out this love to heal the planet and the strife that exists between her peoples. Indian Pipe helps us to see our commonality, rather than our differences.


All herbs used are organic or wildcrafted. A Linchenwood Herbals product.


100% organic grain alcohol extract. 


No CBD or THC.


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Lichenwood Flower Essence: INDIAN PIPE ESSENCE

    • 1  oz bottle