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Lady’s Mantle epitomizes the healing power of the green world. Patricia Kaminski says it best when she states, “just as the gardener must have a green thumb, so the person who heals with plants and wishes to serve the earth, must have a ‘green heart’." This is one of several essences that strongly connects us to the loving energy of Mother Earth. It is also a supreme healer for women who have experienced pain, loss, or difficulty in the reproductive organs. Consider using this essence for pregnancy, birth, and recovery; infertility; surgical interventions in the female reproductive organs. Use it also to help healers, herbalists, and holistic practitioners connect more strongly with the Earth energies.


All herbs used are organic or wildcrafted. A Linchenwood Herbals product.


100% organic grain alcohol extract. 


No CBD or THC.


from $10

Lichenwood Flower Essence: LADY'S MANTLE ESSENCE

    • 1  oz bottle

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