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Raspberry strengthens one's ability to be compassionate and generous towards others. Assists in releasing emotional wounds and encourages forgiveness. Raspberry flower essence helps to lift one's heart when feeling grief or sadness. It aids in transforming negative emotions such as bitterness and resentment to compassion and forgiveness. It opens the throat chakra allowing for expressions of sympathy. The essence is useful for cases of over-sensitivity. People who need raspberry may be verbally abusive as a mechanism of self-protection. There will be a release of connection to old pain. The signature of this essence is kindheartedness. Raspberry is a useful essence for animals who hold grudges or who cannot let go of old trauma. Consider the essence for problems with spraying urine or defecating in inappropriate places, particularly if jealousy or wounded emotions are at the cause of the behavior. This is an excellent essence to consider when introducing new animals into the family.


100% organic grain alcohol extract. 


No CBD or THC.


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Lichenwood Flower Essence: RASPBERRY ESSENCE

    • 1  oz bottle

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