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The main function of Yarrow flower essence is to heal the aura of the person, providing a safe boundary from environmental stresses of every kind. People needing this essence may be too empathic to the pain and emotions of others, or they may live in a polluted, allergen-filled environment. They are prone to develop illnesses because of this extreme sensitivity. They could be described as high-strung and hypersensitive. Of course, it is also their sensitive caring nature, which may make them excellent healers, teachers or counselors. Strengthening and healing the aura prevents the person’s energy from “bleeding out” and preserves their strength, both physical and emotional. Yarrow will mend any weaknesses in the aura so that personal safety is maintained without diminishing compassion and healing abilities.


No CBD or THC.


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Lichenwood Flower Essence: YARROW (WHITE) ESSENCE

    • 1  oz bottle

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