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Ingredients: Steam distilled fresh flowers of organic Helichrysum from Madagascar.


This reminds me of the essential oil, therefore, if you like the scent of the essential oil, you will like this hydrosol. It is dry, warm and herbaceous.


Stability & Shelf Life:
Stable. Usually lasts for approximately 2 years when stored properly. As with all hydrosols keep refrigerated.


Properties & Applications:
It is said to have the following:
- a strong anti-hematoma
- anti-inflammatory
- mild analgesic
- anti-viral
- anti-spasmodic


- has been used in trauma injuries, such as bruising & swelling.
- compress to bangs & bumps or old aches.
- as a sports rub after a workout or physical labor.
- for cleaning & healing tatoos or body piercing.

In skin care:
- It has also been know to relieve Rosacea symptoms.
- good for sensitive, mature or congested skin.
- has been know to heal ingrown hairs.


Hydrosols can be used in several different ways including:
Helichrysum is a well-known and loved herb for its therapeutic properties, and this true Helichrysum Hydrosol has an infinite amount of possible uses!


- Atomizer: Spritz directly on body and face, or in air and inhale.

- Compress: Dampen clean cloth with hydrosol (hot or cold) apply to affected area for aches & sprains.

- Facial masks: substitute this instead of water.

- Skin care & Herbal formulations.

- Bath: Add 1- 2 Cups of Hydrosol to bath and enjoy!


All herbs used are organic or wildcrafted.


No CBD or THC.


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SunRose Essential Oils - HELICHRYSUM OIL

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