Ingredients: Steam distilled peppermint leaves and flowering tops from USA.


Peppermint is the most common of mints, and has always been valued for its therapeutic properties.


Peppermint oil helps people become clear headed and refreshes the spirits. Good for concentration or for those with mental fatigue.


An ideal oil to use in an oil burner, in the office, conference room or in situations in which clear thinking and mental stimulation are required.


Because of its antiseptic and expectorant properties, may be beneficial in the treatment of colds and flu. It is idea to use for sinus congestion, infection or inflammation, and for a congestive headache.


Blends well with:

Basil, bergamot, cajeput, cedarwood, cypress, eucalyptus, lemon, mandarin, marjoram, niaouli, rosemary, spearmint & thyme.


I would use Spearmint organic for children as I feel the peppermint is way to harsh.



  • Do not use undiluted on the skin.
  • Keep away from children & pets.
  • Store away from heat & light.


All herbs used are organic or wildcrafted.


No CBD or THC.


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SunRose Essential Oils - PEPPERMINT OIL