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(86 days) Open-pollinated. (F-6 selection from Anasazi Sweet x Tuxedo) Twin variety to Top Hat, also developed by Oregon farmer/seed grower/breeder Jonathan Spero out of Tuxedo. Admiring its beautiful bright white kernels in 14–16 rows and 9" ears with great tip fill, one could easily have mistaken it for a hybrid such as Augusta or Silver Queen. In our 2014 taste-off its tender mouthfuls burst with sweetness. However, as with all open-pollinated corns, its optimal picking window is narrow. As the harvest of midseason varieties tapers off, Tuxana begins. Tall 8–9' plants. Late-summer corn feasts will be formal affairs with Tux required. OSSI. Seed purchased directly from the independent breeder. ①


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Tuxana OP Sweet Corn Seeds

    • Organic

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