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The purpose of this application is to provide you with a tool which allows you to view the Entrez 3D structure databases from the Internet. Cn3D offers various features that can be used to view, analyze and manipulate the 3D structure data.It is capable of showing the visual images of 3D structures, displaying residue, domain, chain details and chains. Detailed sequence information, such as the position of the Cys and His, are also provided. Cn3D can show various alignment views as well.It can be useful to you when you want to see the 3D structure of the proteins and identify functionally important regions, enzymes, ligands and other various molecular objects. The main features of Cn3D can be summarized as follows:- View 3D structuresThe program can be used to view the 3D structures of proteins and DNA chains downloaded from the NCBI Entrez 3D databases. The 3D structures of proteins are categorized into the following groups:- 3D structure modelThe program presents a 3D model showing what a protein looks like on a flat surface.- Protein structureThe program presents the ribbon representation of the protein; the thickness of the ribbon indicates the type of the atoms in each position. The program shows a color picture that shows what the molecule looks like when you tilt the molecule at a certain angle. In addition, this feature supports rotating the molecule at any angle.- Molecular alignmentThe program can display the residues of a protein or DNA chain based on their similarity, and show the gaps between the residues as dashed lines.- Sequence viewerThis feature can be used to present the sequence of a protein or DNA chain. The program makes the amino acid sequence and the protein's or DNA's location on the 3D structure visible.- Structural domainsThis feature can be used to indicate the active centers and functional parts of a protein.- ResiduesThis feature can be used to view the sequence and view the residues. The program shows the location of the amino acid residues on the 3D structure of the protein.- Residue densityThis feature can be used to show the positions of the major part of the protein or DNA chain.- Chain viewerThis feature supports viewing the chain in the 3D structure.- Mouse-overThis feature can be used to highlight the amino acid residues and to identify them by the color. The program lets you view the amino acid sequence, enzyme 08929e5ed8

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