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Welcome to Seed Sound

Before the modern day pharmacy, the traditional apothecary was the place to go when in search of healing remedies. Over thousands of years, the tradition of plant medicine has prevailed, with the advancements of scientific study assisting in profound discoveries and validating the power and efficacy of plants and their relationship to human health.


In our Herbal Apothecary, our shelves hold herbs, tinctures, tea blends, essential oils, salves, botanically-inspired skin care and bath/body products, and so much more. Our small family of certified Herbalists thoughtfully craft our products in-shop using only the highest quality, organic plants and ingredients from local sources we admire and trust. We offer our products with intention to promote health, happiness and peace for you to utilize, as we do in our own homes.


Our apothecary is a space you can count on to feel welcomed, respected and cared for on your healing path. We value the opportunity to work with you, listen to your needs and offer assistance in answering your questions. We will work together to find what is right for you.


Based in Windham, Maine - we serve the surrounding areas such as Westbrook, Portland, South Portland, Bridgton, Standish, Casco, Raymond, Bethel and Norway. 

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When you find what works for you, we understand how important it is to have it when you need it. We are pleased to be able to ship almost all of our products.

If you are local to us, you can place an order online by 2pm and pick up anything in our inventory the same day, using our Curbside Pickup option!

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“I live in Boston and was visiting Portland for the weekend with my wife. I placed an order online with Seed Sound Herbals and just a few hours later was able to pick up everything I needed while I'm in town. All I did was call them when I arrived and they brought my order right to my car! It was safe and simple... I love it!”

Ian - Boston, MA

Lets Connect...

What a pleasure it is to make connections at the shop with wonderful people every day. We enjoy staying connected with the community and sharing what we have going on at the apothecary, through Instagram and Facebook, as well as through our newsletter. 



While we are in the process of changing payment providers you can pay for your order using the Venmo link to the left! Thank You for your patience and continued support during this process! 

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