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This Peppermint scented candle is floral and fragrant. Made from petroleum free food grade soy wax to make the most natural clean burning candle possible. These tins are great for traveling and the lids keep the scents and candles safe between uses.

Best used for long winter camping conditions (cabins campers wall tents and snow caves under supervision) they are a great way to burn off that funk or just lighten up the musty air.

Our candles are dye free they contain no color. Another benefit to using soy candles is easy clean up. The wax is easily wiped away if spilled or before recycling.


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Moutainess Made All-Natural Soy Candle: Peppermint

    • Skin safe
    • Petroleum free
    • Lead free
    • Dye free
    • Cleaner burning
    • 6 oz
    • Lasts 24hrs

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